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Skin pigmentation conditions refer to abnormalities or variations in the color of the skin. These conditions can manifest as areas of skin that are lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, or they may cause patchiness, discoloration, or uneven skin tone. Skin pigmentation conditions can be caused by various factors, including genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes, inflammation, medications, or underlying medical conditions. Some common skin pigmentation conditions include:

-Hyperpigmentation: This refers to areas of the skin that are darker than the surrounding skin due to an excess production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes (such as melasma or pregnancy mask), inflammation, or injury. 

-Hypopigmentation: Hypopigmentation occurs when areas of the skin have reduced melanin production, resulting in lighter patches or spots. This can be caused by conditions such as vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disorder, or certain infections or injuries to the skin.

-Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH): PIH is a type of hyperpigmentation that occurs as a result of inflammation or injury to the skin, such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis. PIH can occur post treatment if the skin is not prepared properly. It appears as dark spots or patches in areas where the skin has healed after an inflammatory response.

-Melasma, also known as chloasma faciei or the "mask of pregnancy" when it occurs in pregnant women, is a common skin condition characterized by brown to gray-brown patches or spots that typically appear on the face, particularly on areas exposed to the sun. It primarily affects women, although it can occur in men as well.

Treatment options for skin pigmentation conditions depend on the underlying cause and may include topical medications, laser therapy, chemical peels, or cosmetic camouflage techniques. It's important to get a skin consultation to determine the type of pigmentation. Additionally, sun protection is essential for managing and preventing further pigmentation issues, as sun exposure can exacerbate many skin pigmentation conditions.


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Are the bottles recyclable

Unfortunately not, there is a tiny coil in the pump that is not recyclable, if the pump can be removed, the lid and bottle are 100% recyclable.

What products are recommended when on Roaccutane?

Roaccutane reduces the amount of the oily substance (i.e. sebum) made by glands in your skin.

When you are using Roaccutane your skin will feel extremely dry and its important to nourish and protect your skin.

I would recommend the below products:

-Botanical cream cleanser

-Hyaluronic acid

-Ageless Peptides

-Rejuvenation cream

-BB + SPF 30

-Healing balm

-Barrier spritz

Is Brite + SPF 15 hydrating?

Our Brite +SPF15 day cream contains sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), algin and Chondrus Crispus Extract (red algae) for hydration.

The Brite + SPF15 day cream whitening ingredient target all hyperpigmentation including melasma.

Can I use BB + SPF30 as a moisturizer?

Yes, BB + SPF30 Contains active ingredients for moisture and anti ageing so it is sufficient as a stand alone moisturizer.

What order do I apply serums?

Cleanse then pat dry skin. Apply serums in order below:   

1)Vit A night or Vit C morning

2) Vit B

3) Ageless Peptide

4) Hyaluronic acid

5) Snake venom

6)Nourishing facial oil with self massage.

How do I use my nourishing oil?

The nourishing facial oil is best used at night with a massage, after serums.

What products should I use for Rosacea?

-Botanical cream cleanser or radiance cleanser as its only 2% lactic

-No Vitamin A

-Vitamin C she could slowly introduce 1-2 times per week to ensure there is
no reaction.

-Vitamin B 8% (contains hyaluronic acid but less than pure hyaluronic acid)

-Hyaluronic acid (only needed if extremely dry)

-Botanical cream or corrector (Niacinamide is vitamin B3 will be too much
with Vitamin B serum)

-Lux Night cream to assist with ageing, as it contains the collagen

-eye lift cream.

Any of the professional products would be irritating on anyone with rosacea, and any exfoliating products also.