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If you are an existing client thankyou for your ongoing support it means the world to me and I endeavor to make each and every treatment and experience because I value you!

For all new clients, Welcome! If you are interested in any skin treatments, I firstly recommend a skin consultation experience. You can find further infomation about this session on my consultation tab. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you in the studio.

Yours truely Nikky xox

faq about treatments

Can I get a peel if Pregnant?

All peels are safe, however I would recommend avoiding the salicylic acid medium and strong peels.

Can I have a mask with Peels?

The only mask I would use after a peel is the papaya enzyme mask or collagen cream mask.

Can I get IPL hair removal if I have viragos veins or bruises?

I would advise not to treat directly over the area (veins or bruising) as it may cause discomfort for the client and could potentially exacerbate the conditions.

Can I get IPL hair removal if I have active ingrown hairs?

I wouldn’t laser or IPL over active ingrown that are red, inflamed, deep, sore. There is already inflammation present in the skin and adding more
inflammation and trauma to the tissue isn’t safe.

Consider the following to reduce ingrown hairs-

How old is your shaver?

What shaving medium are you using? (ie is it a body wash, shaving cream etc)

What direction are you shaving? – if its super thick hair, sometimes shaving against the hair can again irritate the skin and cause the ingrown.

What are you applying to the skin after the shave?

Are you exfoliating to help minimise the ingrowns?

Are you moisturising to make sure the skin is soft enough to allow the hair to not get trapped?

What is your skin like naturally? – if its naturally drier, we’ve got dead skin cell build up which is trapping the hair.

The Bump eRaiser range has been specially designed to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness and bumps.