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Hello, Im Nikky

The founder of Emphasize Advanced Cosmetic Studio, Emphasize Advanced Cosmeceutical Skincare and creator of ‘The Pro-Age Vision Wellness Journal'.

My qualifications

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Advanced Skin Treatments- Laser, IPL, Plasma Fibroblast, Skin Needling &

Cosmetic Tattooing- brows, lip, eyeliner and Scalp

Saline and Laser Tattoo Removal

Facial Sculpting and Buccal Massage

the begining

I grew up in Leeton NSW on a small hobby farm with my dad and siblings. I was always such a Tom Boy! This picture was after I cut my own hair and done my makeup. Onward and upwards from there!

I began my journey in the beauty industry at 16 years of age. I had decided to go to TAFE and study beauty so I could learn how to be a lady! Soon I discovered how much I loved to help others feel good about themselves.

Early in my career I worked in a salon for an amazing woman called Naomi. She set the foundations for who I am as a therapist today, she was compassionate to all and meticulous in the work she performed, always ensuring work was completed to a high standard. I carry these lessons with me still, in every treatment I perform.


Life events required me to relocate, I went on to work for some other salons in the new location as a junior therapist and receptionist. I couldn't afford to upskill on my wage and I felt that I needed to make a change so I enlisted into The Australian Army.

Whilst serving in the ADF I qualified as a Chef, then many years later, I moved into Administration. I ended up serving a total of 14 years in the military but I never gave up my passion of beauty therapy.

Throughout my military career I constantly worked on up-skilling & staying current in beauty. I worked, studied and ran a home studio business in between bush trips, promotion courses and a deployment to Afghanistan!

Life was crazy during that time, definitely yin and yang in many ways.

Not long after my trip to Afghanistan, I felt it was finally time to peruse my dreams and focus all my effort on my home studio business.

I will always be proud of my service and grateful to have met the love of my life- Greg.

The Present

I am so fortunate to have a quite little studio on my property, to create a peaceful retreat for myself and clients.

When I was looking for a skincare range to fill my studio I couldn't find anything that aligned with my vision: Australian, professional, user friendly, results drive and affordable. So I decided to create my own range by partnering with an Australian pharmaceutical company and together we created the range available to you today!

My favorite part of being a beauty therapist is, and always has been, creating relationships with my clients & educating them on how to care for their skin.

After years of working with differing clients, one thing has remained true... Clients constantly communicating feelings of frustration from being given conflicting or incorrect information regarding how to look after their skin. They didn't know what to products use, what treatments to get and who to trust!

In an effort to ease their frustrations I designed my 'Skin consultation Experience' a 1.5hr treatment designed to educate clients and give them the tools to succeed in their skincare goals! I strongly believe "Knowledge is power!" I want my clients to have the power!


After years of struggling with my own personal wellness and going through the most incredible healing journey, I decided to study 'Holistic wellness coaching'

I Believe that beauty can't be treated externally because "If you don’t believe you are beautiful, you will never feel beautiful!" it truly takes a Holistic approach to accomplish this mindset! By incorporating holistic techniques in the studio I hope to make my clients feel beautiful inside and out!

My goal is to balance life and work commitments. Prioritizing my family as we watch our beautiful children grow up- Abigail and William. Whist giving 100% of my passion to my work in school hours.

I am always looking at ways to make my business more effective and I love feedback. Good feedback drives me to excel further and constructive feedback creates growth and change! So if you have any constructive feedback please fuel my fire! I cannot thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to serve you!